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Birth Doula Support

Creating Your Birth Story

From the moment you call me to tell me you are in labor, until up to 2 hours after birth, I will be right by your side. I will be your emotional, mental, and physical support exploring different positions, massage techniques, and anything under the moon and sun to allow you to be as present in this experience as possible.


Birth Doula Support


Includes Prenatal Support, AND Postpartum Support

(financing options available)

For those who wish to prioritize the experience of a fully supported birth, this comprehensive doula package includes:

Before your baby arrives:

  • Unlimited email and phone support for questions and a safe place to vent

  • The insight, knowledge, and support of a pro doula as you work to create the best birth plan for your family

  •  In-person prenatal visits to discuss your birthing hopes and concerns

  • 24/7 on-call doula support for your birth, beginning the moment your contract is signed

During birth:

  • A guarantee you’ll be supported by your trusted doula during your birth

  • Prompt, reliable, and engaged communication during early labor

  • My physical presence, when and where you need it - whether we meet at your home or birthing location

  • The perfect balance of emotional, positional, and physical support

  • Evidence-based and judgement-free information throughout your labor and delivery, as well as my assurance that I will help inform you through any unplanned or proposed interventions

  • Experienced support for your partner and/or children to guide them in caring for you while also meeting their own needs

After your baby arrives: 

  • Up to 2 hours of support following the arrival of your new little one

  • A few photos of baby’s first moments and a birth announcement, delivered digitally 

  • One 3hr at-home postpartum visit to talk through your birth, assist with transition, and/or offer lactation support

BITH ATTENDANCE ONLY (+ 2hr post birth)



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